What is your top gay travel destination?

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This week I asked some of my favorite #instagays about their favorite travel destinations. I'm sure a lot of us have had our recent vacation plans wrecked by Covid, but we can still plan our future getaways! Here's what they said:

Q: What is your top gay travel destination? Why?

@thesewcialquilter "I love Key West. It can be as gay and fun, and sexy as you want - or can be quiet, relaxing and rejuvenating - it's whatever you want it to be."


@firebreatherbear "I love Mykonos. Great food. Great people. Great shopping."


@theonlydustinjames "I would say Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale) because they have  great, walkable night life area complete with leather bars, clubs, strip joints, cocktail bars, and bath houses. Really always something to do (when not going through COVID, that is). It is a yearly tradition for me now to go down there between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a fun getaway weekend."


@luymer "Darling: Any destination where I arrive, even the manliest man I make gay. So for me any destination is favorite."


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-Wes, Owner and Designer, Carl Wesley

Wes, Owner and Designer, Carl Wesley

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