What is one piece of gear every gay should have?

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It's not just about the underwear. The gay community has embraced all kinds of different gear for fetish and fashion. This week I asked my favorite #instagays about gear that every gay needs to own.

Q: What is one piece of gear every gay should have?

@hunterharden "Oh that's a tough one! Probably a harness. They are universal for most parties and it's always a nice accessory to whatever you are wearing, pants, shorts, underwear, etc."


@theonlydustinjames "I want to say a nice leather harness because it not only shows off your body, but can also be mixed in with your everyday wear to make a fashion statement."


@thegaygaston "I'd say an old school classic white jock."


@bear_bearandbadger "I love a guy in tighty whities. So I'd say a white brief that fits really well."


@captain_spandex "Singlets should be standard, I think. Probably too much to ask that every gay get a Superman suit."


@houndypup "A good jockstrap of course."

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@daddy26.2 "Hmmm that's tough. A good fitting brief to show off both assets."

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Camo Thong


@alphacubkc "Jockstrap. And harness."

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Retro Jockstrap


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