Real Talk: What are the worst and best parts of COVID?

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Real Talk: It's on our mind A LOT these days. And I can't do shallow blog posts all the time! This week I asked my favorite #instagays about the worst and best parts of COVID. It might seem weird to ask what the 'best' part is but I'm an optimistic person and despite all the negative things I do think there are positive things that have resulted from the global pandemic.

Q: What is the worst part of COVID? What is the best part of COVID?

@itsdarikrobles: "I think it being a pandemic is pretty crazy. To know anyone is exposed is also pretty sad especially because I have to think about my family and friends - I wouldn't want any of them to get the virus. Also, not being able to do normal things is quite sad."

"But on the other hand, I feel like the world needed a break. For the first time in a while I was able to find myself workout out outdoors, enjoying the nice weather in my backyard, and learning new things I always wanted to try but never had the time to actually do."

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@claytonpaterson: "[The worst part is] the difficulty seeing friends and family because of the fear of being a walking weapon."

"The best part is being forced to be creative to stay sane and busy."

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@chithonger: "The worst part of COVID has been not being able to travel to see friends from around the country and world. I typically attend two thonger events and participate in five or six tennis tournaments throughout the year. All have been cancelled! I miss my friends!"

"It's strange to think about anything good about COVID, but I guess I'd have to say working from home. First, there's the obvious benefit of a more flexible schedule. Second, the dress code is way more relaxed. As someone who enjoys being naked or nearly naked, it has been a treat to work in just my underwear. Third, I've been able to save money from not having to commute and eating out for lunch less, which has allowed me to purchase more sexy underwear...which I love!!!"

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@hunterharden: "The worst part is of course losing family and friends to the virus. Not being able to visit family and friends has been hard."

"Best part of COVID is that nature is getting a break from humans, and being quarantined gives you the opportunity for self growth and change."


And here's my take:

The worst part of COVID has been missing out on all the normal activities of summer! Let's face it, all the festivals, vacations, weekend trips, pools, concerts, cookouts, get-togethers, parties, and just about everything great about summer was CANCELLED. When I think about life before COVID it seems like 100 years ago.

The best parts: 

1. Tiger King. My partner and I binged watched it right at the beginning of the lock downs in March and I loved it. I'm not a huge TV watcher but I was so sad when there was no more Tiger King to watch.

2. Wearing whatever I want every day!

3. Staying in has saved me a ton of money from all kinds of different things.

4. I've really doubled down and focused on my business without all the things to distract me. At the being of all this, I decided I wanted to come out on the other side better than I was before.

5. Enjoying the little things in life I don't always have time for: sitting on my patio in nice weather, spending time with partner who normally travels a lot for work, listening to audiobbooks, going on walks, and many others. 


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