The Briefs That Broke Instagram

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Black Retro Briefs

(Above is the exact image that had my Instagram page deleted. I apologize it isn't more scandalous.)

Yesterday was a bad day for my small business. I posted a customer submitted photo of my Black Retro Briefs and my Instagram page was almost instantly banned for 'Nudity and sexual content.' If you didn't know, Instagram is largely moderated by computer algorithms so they make a lot of mistakes. I have received warnings on my posts before but they were usually restored after contesting the warning. This is all after I've spent 2 years growing my brand on Instagram and spending quite a lot of money on Instagram ads.

The same post temporarily banned my Facebook page but it was quickly restored after I let them know they got it wrong.

It's a mystery to me how much large underwear brands post the same kind of images (most of them post waayyy hotter images than I do BTW) and their pages are still active.

Some of you have suggested I create a new Instagram page but it seems like a lot of effort to risk being deleted again.

I'll be moving my focus to Twitter and my new Reddit group. I hope you will join me there!

Twitter: @CarlWesleyUSA

Reddit Group: r/CWFans

Talk to you soon, Wes

Wes, Owner and Designer

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