Making South Bend Famous for Underwear...Again!

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Who knew that back in the day South Bend was known for underwear manufacturing?!

Stephenson Underwear Mills, South Bend

(Photo from the website of the History Museum of South Bend.)

Out and about one day I found a historical plaque outside a building in South Bend with information about the Stephenson Underwear Mills. It turns out in the early 1900’s the factory produced more than 100,000 garments per year including Victorian underwear and union suits.

Stephenson Underwear Mills, South Bend

Although Carl Wesley underwear is quite a bit different from the underwear of the past. I hope that one day my little business will make South Bend famous for underwear manufacturing again!

Stephenson Underwear Mills Ad

(An advertisement for the Stephenson Underwear Mill's union suits. Photo from Discover Indiana.) 

Here’s some links to some other interesting articles about the Stephenson Underwear Mills:

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See you soon, Wes

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Wes, Owner and Designer

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