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I get a lot of inquiries about what size Carl Wesley underwear to choose. I admit, sizing is SUPER confusing even for me. I wanted to make a definitive size guide to help clear up some of the confusion on choosing your men’s underwear size.

First and foremost, the most important thing to know is that all brands size their underwear differently. The size you wear in your favorite brand may or may not be equal to the same letter size in another brand. Anyone who has ordered men’s underwear from overseas has experienced this first hand - although the letter size was the same as what you normally wear, the underwear was probably much smaller than expected. There is no standard or governing body who says what an XS, S, M, L, XL - (fill in the blank) size needs to be. Each brand decides how to size their men’s underwear based on who they feel is their target customer.

The moral of the story is that you have to look at the size chart and fit guides for each individual brand, especially if you are ordering online.

My feeling is that all guys want to have underwear that makes them feel sexy, confident, and comfortable regardless if they are large, small, fluffy, muscular, or skinny. For that reason, I decided on an inclusive size range that works for a lot of different guys. My size range of S to 2XL works for guys with a waist size as small as 28 inches all the way up to 46 inches. (The materials are stretchy so a 2XL should actually be just fine up to a 48-49 too.)

Since my sizing is more inclusive than comparable brands, most guys need to size down from what they are used to wearing. For Carl Wesley gear, I always recommend sizing down if you are unsure or between sizes. Never size up for any reason. 


Here are answers to some common questions I get regarding choosing your Carl Wesley men’s underwear size: 

How do I take my waist measurement for the size chart?

This is another confusing subject and can vary based on the brand. For Carl Wesley underwear you take the measurement below your navel and above the buttocks. If you can feel the hip bones on your sides, this is the perfect place to take the measurement.

Technically speaking, your natural ‘waist’ is around your torso at navel level, but modern men wear their pants and underwear around the hips. Usually this is what most people refer to as the ‘waist’ for men.

P.S. Here's my underwear size chart. These are the waist measurements in inches:

S 28" - 30"
M 32" - 34"
L 36" - 38"
XL 40" - 42"
2XL 44" - 46"


 I wear a (fill in the blank) size in XYZ underwear brand. What size do I wear in Carl Wesley?

Here is a chart I made that compares my sizes to some other brands. *If you're on a mobile device it's probably easier to view the chart by turning your device sideways.


I wear a (fill in the blank) size jeans. How should I decide on my Carl Wesley size?

First of all, DON’T. I really have no idea how sizing works for pants but it’s definitely more complicated than underwear. Most likely, the size jeans you normally wear is probably not a good indicator of what men’s underwear size you wear.


I have a large (fill in the blank with a private body part). What size underwear should I choose?

You should base your size choice on your waist measurement. My men’s underwear styles have generous pouch room to show off your package so it’s not a problem for most guys. No smashed junk here ‘cause that just ain’t sexy!  Also, nearly all the fabrics I choose are blended with spandex for added stretch; and the elastics are very stretchy. Even if you’re well endowed or have a bubble butt it doesn’t determine what size underwear you should choose.


I hope that clears up a lot of confusion about men’s underwear sizing whether you order from me or another company. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me at I check my email throughout the day and I’ll happily help you however I can.


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