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Made by Sew Loved

If you get one of these cards included in your order, it means your underwear was sewn with help from my friends at Sew Loved/The Sewing Lab right here in South Bend, Indiana. (Current stock of underwear they produced for me is linked below.)

When I moved from Chicagoland, I was worried that it would be difficult to find help growing my small business. Formerly, I cut and sewed every piece by myself but I got to a point where I couldn't do it all anymore. I was excited to find this small non-profit organization that does sewing jobs for people like me. All their profits are used to do more in the community: sewing training, providing living wage jobs, and more.

Something really important to me is hiring local people instead of having my products made overseas - even though it's much more expensive to have sewn products made in the USA. 

It feels REALLY good to hire local women and give them meaningful work. My goal is to eventually give enough work to Sew Loved so that they can hire 20 women here in South Bend to help with cutting, sewing, packaging, and shipping orders. And I feel an obligation to them just as much as I do to earn a living for myself. 

Sew Loved is working on producing a few new styles for me as you read this, and they also sometimes help me with the made-on-demand styles of underwear.

Check out my current in-stock underwear that were Locally Made With Love by Sew Loved:

Retro White Cotton Briefs

Retro White Cotton Jockstrap

White Fly Front Briefs

Retro Maroon Cotton Briefs

Retro Black Cotton Briefs

Retro Teal Cotton Briefs

Retro Maroon Jockstrap

Retro Black Jockstrap

Retro Teal Jockstrap

See you soon,


Wes, Owner and Designer

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