4 Reasons Why This Will Be Your New Favorite Jockstrap

My featured product this week is my Retro Jockstrap. Here's 4 reasons why I think this will be your new favorite jockstrap:

Carl Wesley Retro Jockstrap

1. It's enhances your package. One comment I often get from guys who order my jockstraps is that it makes their bulge look great. The pouch is cut so that it gives you a little extra lift where it counts. Might as well it show off what you've got!

2. It's made in the USA. I've partnered with a small manufacturing company in Chicago to help me produce my bestseller. It's really important to me that anything I don't sew myself supports well-paid local seamstresses.

3. It's classic yet new. I was inspired to use a classic material, a striped elastic waistband, to design something original. I think it combines the best of old and new men's underwear styles.

4. It's made from ultra soft cotton fabric. It's lightweight, breathable, and really comfortably to wear. Forget the cheap undies made from scratchy cotton! I picked this material because it feels amazing. The fiber content is also easy to care for - just machine wash and tumble dry. 

Click HERE to get yours. Also available in a 3 Pack bundle for $10 off - click HERE.

See you soon,



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