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Written by Scott from the 'Movies That Made Us Gay' podcast. Visit them here: Instagram     Twitter     Apple Podcasts

Having a podcast called ‘Movies That Made Us Gay’ makes us an unofficial expert on the movies that ushered us into sexuality. We’re also “experts” on some of the best movie underwear moments by our favorite leading men in Hollywood. Put on your favorite Carl Wesley briefs because here's a rundown of some of our favorite underwear moments in movies! 

Tom Cruise – Magnolia 1999

Sure, megastar Tom Cruise danced around in his dress shirt and whitie tighties in Risky Business, but have you seen him prancing around in those white briefs in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, with what looks to be a semi in that underwear pouch? Seduce and destroy indeed! 

John Travolta – Saturday Night Fever 1977

When flipping through cable on a weekend night as a kid, and Saturday Night Fever was on you better hope that it’s this iconic scene of Travolta showing off his disco moves while donning his teeny tiny black briefs. Still to this day why I’m obsessed with bikini briefs on men. 

Michael J Fox – Back to the Future 1985

“Well, that is your name, isn’t it? Calvin Klein? It’s written all over your underwear”. The number one reason I’m obsessed with these iconic briefs from the 80s. 


Michael J. Fox -Greedy 1994

Michael J. Fox double feature! Greedy (1994) features a cute Fox rolling around in his grey briefs with his bowling ball. Come for the undies, stay for the Fox ass shot complete with butt tattoo. 

Zac Efron -The Paperboy 2012

Efron sets the screen on fire in his skintight white briefs through most of the runtime of The Paperboy. I don’t even remember the plot of this movie, mostly just Efron’s underwear scenes burned into our memory forever. 

Mark Ruffalo – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004

Forget Bruce Banner in The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo dancing around in his dad briefs in Eternal Sunshine is the role he’ll most be remembered for in this household. 

Scott Wolf – The Evening Star 1996

If there was any indication that this sequel to Terms of Endearment was directed by a gay man (Robert Harling, see Steel Magnolias) revisit the scene where the himbo and aspiring underwear model Scott Wolf shows off his white boxer briefs for Juliette Lewis. The most rewound and paused scene of 1996. 


Christian Bale – American Psycho 2000

Looking like a deranged Statue of David, Christian Bale has some truly creepy moments in American Psycho, but the most iconic image is him in those Perry Ellis briefs during his morning workout ritual. That bodyoodyoody! 

Ian Somerhalder -Rules of Attraction 2002

Speaking of Bret Easton Ellis don’t forget about this underrated gem of the early 00s featuring Ian Somerhalder’s dancing to George Michael’s Faith in his undies. 

Keanu Reeves -Parenthood 1989

I’m here to remind you of that Keanu Reeves underwear scene in Parenthood! The boyfriend in crisp white briefs of our dreams. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme – Bloodsport 1988

The Muscle from Brussels gets down to his skivvies in a brief (no pun intended) scene in Bloodsport. Come to think it didn’t take much for JCVD to strip down in any of his films, inviting us to fawn over his chiseled physique. Bonus butt shot as he’s putting them on!

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