Meet the ladies who have a hand in your pants.

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Meet Jenny. She's a local seamstress here in South Bend and I hired her recently to help me sew all these underwear because I can't keep up anymore.

(Top secret, but she's kind of a better sewer than me.)

Local manufacturing has always been important to me. So I was really excited when she told me about the women's center here where she works.

She introduced me to Sew Loved which is a non profit organization in South Bend that provides living wage sewing jobs to women, and gives them training so that they can get commercial sewing jobs with local companies. You can read more about Sew Loved HERE.

I'm excited to say that I will be hiring Sew Loved to help with a lot of my production going forward. I hope I can sell a lot of underwear so that I can keep supporting the work they do here in community!

See you soon,


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