Hi from my sewing room!

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Hi from my sewing room!

I hope you're having a great summer and Pride Month! I'm taking a break from my sewing to drop by with a few updates. (On a random note, what do you think of this romper I'm wearing?!?) Here's some important stuff I thought you might like to know:

1. I LOVE my subscribers and I like to them top secret subscriber-only offers. If you don't want to miss out hit the red tab in the bottom left corner. You'll also get entered in my monthly giveaway to win a free pair of Carl Wesley undies!

2. I've decided to extend how long I'm donating proceeds from the Rainbow Pride items to the Trevor Project. Now through the end of the month, I'm donating $5 from every order than contains a Rainbow Pride underwear. More details here.

3. Black lace is out of stock. I still have navy, burgundy, red, and pink. I've reordered but it may a few months before black is in back in stock again. Exciting news though! -> I ordered new colors for the lace briefs and boxer briefs: gold, silver, royal blue, and purple are on the way! Watch for an update on when these are available.

4. White fabric is back in stock! Don't wait to order your tighty whities because I may sell out again. Shop Retro White undies here.

5. I've been working on some new mesh styles that I can't wait for you to see because they are 🔥🔥🔥. They should be up next month.

Drop me a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!

-Wes, Owner and Designer, Carl Wesley

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