3 Reasons You Should Hand Wash Your Men's Underwear

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You may have noticed that I recommend hand washing most of the men's underwear I sell. Here are 3 reasons why:

Gentle on Fabric:

Most importantly, hand washing is gentle on underwear and will allow for them to have the longest life. Generally speaking, machine washing and drying is really rough on your clothes. Hand washing your nice underwear is important because it best retains the original quality of the fabric. One of my favorite things about designing underwear is searching for fabrics and it’s something I spend a lot of time on; if I recommend hand washing a particular style it’s because I believe that is really the best way to care for the fabric long term. 


Hand washing your underwear is really good for the Earth! Instead of using electricity or gas, the only energy you need comes from the movement of your arms and hands. And you only need a small amount of water. Usually a small basin or bowl is plenty. Additionally, hand washing only requires a tiny amount of detergent. Also, treating your clothes gently is automatically more sustainable because it will be longer before you have to replace them.


Maybe this is just me, but I think there’s something relaxing about hand washing clothes, and it just makes me feel good. A lot of us have fast moving and technology driven lives and it can be nice to slow down and enjoy simple tasks. 

Here’s how I do my hand washing:

  1. In a small sink or plastic basin I run just enough cold water to cover the clothes. It’s best to do separate washes for different color groups.
  2. Add a tiny amount of mild detergent to the water. I don’t measure it out but mentally think about the amount that would be in a teaspoon.
  3. Use my hands to gently swirl the clothes around for a few minutes. There’s really no need to be rough here.
  4. Drain the detergent water and run cold clean water into the basin. Swirl the clothes around in the clean water to release the soap.
  5. Drain the water again and gently squeeze out as much of the water as I can from the clothes.
  6. Finally, I hang the clothes on a foldable drying rack in my basement to air dry. A sunny spot or clothesline outside also works great too.

See you soon,

Wes (Owner and Designer, Carl Wesley Menswear)

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