What underwear do you wear on the first date?

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Q: What underwear do you wear on the first date? Why?

Here's what these Instagrammers said. Make sure to follow them for even more great underwear pics!


Wearing Retro Grey Jockstrap - Click here.

"I always wear jockstraps because I think they are the sexiest. I try to wear one that matches my outfit in some way...usually color. I like that it shows effort...and that I'd hoped he would see my undies!"



Wearing Retro White Cotton Briefs - Click here.

"I would wear some of my favorite briefs on a first date. That's the style I'm the most comfortable in - and they suit my personality. Likely a solid color - black, white or gray. Definitely a new or newer pair. If he gets to see them on that first date...he'll be seeing the authentic me. Then in the future if he sees me in a jock or assless briefs he'll know he's in store for a good time."




"I'd probably go for some electric blue Aussiebum briefs (my iconic pair), or a good old pair of boxer briefs. Comfy in all situations and they compliment me very well."



Wearing Retro White Cotton Tanga - Click here.

"I'd go for something sexy but not like over the top - briefs or tanga. You never know how the first date is gonna go and always gotta give a good impression haha."



"For a first date I would definitely have to go with a camo bikini briefs for sure. Because it's sexy and not too aggressive like a jockstrap."



"On a first date, I want to feel confident and cute - and I always use my undies to help elevate both. So I would probably pick out a cute jockstrap, and he might not be seeing it on the first date, but I know if he does he'll like what he finds!

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