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Lately I have been out of town on business at least once a month.  Normally each trip is within a one-day’s drive, and I am in a given city/area for a couple days.  I prefer to stay in extended stay hotels because the suites generally have a small kitchenette complete with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, etc.  My partner often goes with me to help with the driving and, of course, to keep me company; not to mention, we go on little adventures…you know, see the sights.

Just a couple weeks ago, I had business up in Iowa for a couple meetings. After the day’s drive, I retired early.  I might have been asleep an hour, and my truck’s security alarm began sounding.  I jumped out of bed to look for my truck keys and look out the window.  I remembered, “damnit, I forgot I parked on the other side of the building.” I could not see my truck from our room.  

Carl Wesley Maroon Retro Briefs

Without even thinking, I grabbed the keys and was out the door of my hotel room without even considering the fact that I was only in my underwear, some new Maroon Retro Briefs from Carl Wesley Menswear.

Maroon Retro Briefs

I raced to the stairwell knowing there were windows on every floor’s landing.  I went down a level; crap, could not see my truck.  It was then also that I realized I did not have my glasses on.  I cursed under my breath, “wrong side of the building, duh!”.  I went back up to the fourth floor (I was in 402).  As I was climbing the stairs, I became aware of voices.  I did not know if they were coming up the stairs behind me or in the hallway above me.  Either way, I knew then I was going to get caught in just my underwear.

Maroon Retro Briefs

I stopped at the stairwell door to peak around the corner to see if there was someone in the hall.  I could still hear voices but did not see anyone.  I slipped into the hall and kind of rushed to the window at the end of hallway.  It was my truck’s alarm, so I pointed my key fob down at the truck and mashed on the alarm button to get it to turn off.  It seemed to take forever to get the alarm to go off.

The voices grew louder; my blood pressure rose a bit.  As I turned around from the window to head back to my room, I realized I had also forgotten to grab my room key.  I reached toward my pocket to realize (once again) that I was just in my underwear. I looked up, swore again, and noticed someone down the hall.  I did not have my glasses on so I could not tell at all who it was…until the person laughed.  Then I heard the ladies chuckle and say, “hey, nice undies…”

My boyfriend/partner had staged the whole thing…setting off the truck alarm.  He knows once I am asleep I am usually disoriented a bit if I am suddenly awoken.  He had positioned himself to get pictures of my whole dilemma. He said he even talked to a couple ladies (those the voices…the ladies laughing and whatnot) about it all.  He had told them he was playing a practical joke on me.

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