5 Times You Should Wear a Jockstrap

Retro White Cotton Jockstrap
  1. Sexy Halloween Costume Party. You know the kind I mean. The goal is to wear as little clothing as possible and we still know what you dressed up as. I’m thinking Gym Teacher or Football Player vibes in a CW Retro Jockstrap, or Greek God vibes in my Greek Key Jockstrap (underneath a toga?).
  2. First Date. I think a jock is a great choice for a first date because it’s intentional and it makes you feel sexy. It gives your package a nice lift in your jeans, and your date will appreciate it if he gets to see it at the end of the night.
  3. At the Gym. Jockstraps were originally designed as athletic supporters right? I’m not sure when it changed from being an athletic underwear to a fashionable underwear but wearing a jock to the gym is perfect for days you want to feel vintage. Pair with tube socks and short shorts for best results and hope someone is watching when you change in the locker room.
  4. You haven’t done laundry in ages. I hate to admit it but I might be guilty of this one. Laundry is one of those chores that I just really don’t enjoy doing so I hold off long as I can. On the bright side, it gives me an opportunity to wear all the different underwear in my drawer including jocks.
  5. You’re filming your next Only Fans video. I have some serious questions for the original designer of the jockstrap. It seems like it was made for… ahem…. unsavory activities between men. Plus a jock makes your package and butt look amazing and your fans will appreciate your choice.

What other times do you think a jockstrap is most appropriate?

Happy #Jocktober! And click HERE to shop Carl Wesley jockstraps. Make sure to tag us on social in your favorite CW jock this month.

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